Delivering Highly Efficient, Environmentally Responsible Cattle Buildings.


Iowa Beef Systems focuses on what matters to your beef operation.

Our cattle buildings are built with structural integrity, efficient airflow ventilation, and cattle comfort in mind.

The monoslope design provides the perfect shelter for cattle during the summer and winter extremes, all while offering open air ventilation.

Our individually designed monoslope and gable cattle buildings slope downward to the north and open to the south, to allow for maximum sun exposure in the winter months and maximum shade in the summer months. Additionally, we offer options for motorized curtain systems that can be lowered to best protect your cattle investment.

Our designs are built with 12' to 14' north walls, to allow for any excess heat to rise and escape the buildings, keeping the cattle comfortable and provide better air quality.

We’ve also designed our roof structure to reduce the possibility of birds perching or nesting above your cattle.

When working with Iowa Beef Systems, you work with true cattlemen and deal with one company for your construction from start to finish. We handle the details.



  • Increase in average daily gains
  • Decrease in operating labor and increase in facility efficiency 

Cattle Comfort

  • Shelter from extreme weather during both summer and winter months
  • Improved ventilation
  • Decreased stress
  • Increase in cattle health and comfort


  • Iowa Beef Systems offers, designs, for catwalks to run the length of the slatted floor buildings
  • Gives the advantage of a bird's-eye view of the and ability to pinpoint individual cattle needs

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