Cattle Buildings

We design and build our cattle buildings with the cattle in mind. By using a monoslope roof system, we can ensure that during the summer they remain covered and out of the sun while allowing a breeze to flow through. During the harsh winters, when the sun is lower, it allows the light to reach the rear of the barn and block the cold winds.

Ultimately, the monoslope system allows for better cattle comfort, health, and facility efficiencies.

Given Iowa Beef System's vast industry experience we can also help plan, develop, and design with both DNR and EPA regulations in mind.

Iowa Beef Systems offers a catwalk installation that runs the length of your slatted floor building. 

We offer both traditional Bed Pack Buildings or Slatted installations


Bed pack:

  • Manure stays drier and is ready to scrape
  • Manure holds more nutrient value for improved yields and lower fertilizer costs

Slatted floor:

  • Optimizes cattle density for higher profit potential
  • Minimizes costs of bailing crops for bedding and time required for scraping