CattlePit 18


Iowa Beef Systems and Alpha Ag Solutions collaborated to create CattlePit 18, which is a custom blended, robust liquid microbial treatment.

CattlePit 18 has the power to break down sludge and waste nutrients from livestock
barns. It works overtime in an all-natural and safe way, containing no harsh chemicals. CattlePit 18 provides effective and measureable results.

Adding CattlePit 18 to your manure regimen will advance one’s cattle operation. CattlePit 18 brings not only brings beneficial solutions to the waste, but also to the farm ground it goes into. CattlePit 18 is your on-site partner in the management of your cattle barn operation.


Advantages of CattlePit 18:

  • Balance Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels

  • Reduces odor in the waste stream

  • Increases pump-ability by liquifying sludge
  • Helps maintain a balanced nutrient level for crops and soil management
  • Contains Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • Safe handling