Iowa Beef Systems recognizes the complexity of the regulatory concerns; the design of our business model encompasses these concerns.
1.    A preliminary site meeting is scheduled to determine all setback, drainage and animal unit concerns.
2.    Iowa Beef Systems and their engineers determine what permits and documentation will be necessary for the project.
3.    Iowa Beef Systems works cooperatively with your Manure Manager, the DNR field office, the NRCS, neighbors and any other party required to ensure that your project is constructed legally, efficiently and structurally sound.
4.    A secondary meeting with the DNR field agent in you area is set to ensure that all issues have been addressed.
5.    All site, foundation and building plans are engineered specifically for your site.
6.    An independent engineer is retained to inspect and certify all construction.
Operating under the assumption that “everything will  work out in the end,” or that the “DNR does not even know I exist,” is not only dangerous to your success, it is foolish. As I draft this copy, I am capable of retaining a satellite image of your feeding operation within seconds. Of course, the regulators have these tools, and more, at their disposal. The DNR and EPA exist to protect our environment; established, developed and funded by the American tax payer.  Although many of these folks lack agricultural experience, they work hard to support the platform of their organization. As cattlemen, we have long been some of the nation’s leading environmentalists, properly managing the land, the fertilizer and the livestock to ensure a viable future for our platform: feeding the world.
Iowa Beef Systems is not in business to sell you a building. Iowa Beef Systems works cooperatively to deliver a highly efficient, environmentally responsible facility.  Our facilities pay you back by increasing efficiency.  Our facilities pay you back by satisfying all DNR and EPA regulations.