From site selection based on DNR and EPA regulations to breaking ground through structure erection and on-going support, there's only one team you'll ever deal with. Iowa Beef Systems is your one stop solution for housing beef cattle. 


Site Selection – Choosing the appropriate site for your cattle building is essential for the performance of the building, receiving appropriate permits/funding and protecting your image. Our mono-slope design has peak performance, with southern exposure to the high side. This takes advantage of warm ultraviolet rays in the winter and provides cool shade in the summer. Many of our facilities receive funding through the NRCS EQIP program and various federal and state watershed programs. Proper soil determination is vital and affects construction type and expense considerably. Setback requirements are in place for all confinement structures. Considering the impact on neighbors directly impacts the image of the industry.

Regulation Consultation – Iowa Beef Systems works specifically with the regulators in your county to ensure that structures satisfy all local requirements and are not subject to special scrutiny. In most cases, we work side by side with your manure management consultant, county engineer, DNR field agent and NRCS officer. In some cases, we recommend involvement of the Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers. The Coalition is a non-profit, free service provider to Iowa livestock producers, created to assist producers considering future plans.

Building Design/Engineering – Iowa Beef Systems recognizes that every site is different and that there is not one cattle building design that is right for all producers. Following a site visit, a draftsman from IBS develops a site-specific plan. Every cattle building is engineered to your location and every foundation and manure handling area is engineered to handle your capacities and equipment. Our buildings exceed all local requirements and offer the longest-serving livestock structure on the market. 

Concrete Construction – A properly designed foundation and floor are only as good as the final product. Proper construction standards and practices are essential to the longevity of your cattle building. Iowa Beef Systems utilizes proven concrete laborers, form-setters, and finishers. Often, the concrete line item is the largest expense in a cattle facility. Creating a safe environment for your cattle is as important as providing a strong foundation for your building.

Product Distribution – Iowa Beef Systems has aligned itself with top quality product manufacturers so we can directly deliver products for your cattle building without adding unnecessary cost to the project, as is the case when using a middleman. IBS works directly with Steel Building Manufacturers, Ready Mix Providers, Pre-Cast (bunks, slats, & beams), Cattle Waterers, Rubber Matting, Lumber Providers, and Gate/Fencing Manufacturers. We have developed high volume relationships with quality builders and suppliers to increase the value of your cattle building.

Building Erection – Most carpenters or iron-workers could put up a cattle building. Then again, most cooks can make a steak. But when you want a really great steak, you know where to go. Our erection crews specialize in cattle buildings. They are extremely efficient and meticulous, as their business depends on both timely delivery and quality scores.

Turn-Key Service – In summary, Iowa Beef Systems takes your project from site selection to cattle-ready. We do everything from setting the initial grade stake to hanging the last gate. Our structure has been developed by a home raised beef producer for beef producers. We understand that we are facing the most extreme regulations, weather patterns and markets that we have ever seen. The strong will move forward, and those refusing to change will be forced out of the life that we love; the life of cattlemen.